So lately....

I've been feeling like I've been put in good situations and have not turned out anything good. You ever get like that? I don't know how to make myself see in a way that is different AND good. This is the best my work for the last few weeks. Am I wrong or is this stuff indeed very average (predictable)????

Just some encouraging words from a reader

Comments: I want to express sheer disgust with the paper for publishing a photo of a 60 year old NON ITALIAN to report on the Columbus day parade. How disgraceful!! There were plenty of other REAL ITALIANS that you could have taken a picture of and instead you insult Italians by putting a photo of an old wannabe in the paper. HOW PATHETIC!!! I know for a fact that your photographer (THATS ME!!!!!!) took quite a bit of photos of an adorable little girl dressed in the traditional Italian costume and where is that photo??? In the garbage where the photo of the old wannabe should be!! How does that make sense? I am grateful that I do not read or purchase your paper because it is run by individuals who do not have a clue what is newsworthy and what appeals to the public! GET A CLUE TRIBUNE REVIEW!!!

The Yough River

Mountain Bike

Apple Jam

akr lines only 2
Sebastion Gonszales, 16, jumps his skateboard over another skateboard at Heinz Chapel on the University of Pittsburgh's campus, Monday, October 1, 2007.

Beth Oltrogge, 18 of Canonsburg and Ian Glenn, 17, of the North Side, laugh while enjoying the nice weather on the benches in front of the Cathedral of Learning, Monday, October 1, 2007.

Katie Bassett, 7, (right) of Ohiopyle and Lilian Real, 8, of Bloomfield look at fish in the aquariums at the Western Pennsylvania Conservancy celebration of its 75th anniversary and open house at its new office at Washington's Landing, Saturday, September 29, 2007.